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10 Helpful Moving Hacks

Moving hacks for Canton movers.

Moving into a new home is exciting, but the process of packing your life into boxes and taking it to a new place can be time consuming, expensive and stressful. With the right amount of preparation, moving can be made much easier. Below are 10 helpful moving hacks that will make the process smoother for you:

  1. Save on boxes — Visit your local bar, winery, or restaurant for extra boxes. They’re usually happy to part ways with what would otherwise be a chore to breakdown, and these boxes are made of thicker cardboard with inserts perfect for packing glasses, vases, or your own wine collection.
  2. Save on packing supplies — Instead of bubble wrap, use your blankets, towels, and sweaters that already need to be packed to wrap around fragile items.
  3. Pack your suitcase — With heavy things, that is. Take advantage of the wheels by packing heavy items in your rolling suitcase.
  4. Keep items on the hanger – Wrap a cluster of hung clothes from the bottom up using a garbage bag. This keeps all the clothes neatly together and saves you the headache of folding, packing, and re-hanging them.
  5. Use plastic wrap — Plastic wrap can be wrapped around drawers already full of clothes or other items to keep them in place for the move.
  6. Save space — Rolling your clothes instead of folding them saves lots of space and makes it easier to stack and pack them into boxes.  
  7. Do the little things in advance — Taking care of things well in advance may seem like a pain, but it’s worth the stress it saves as moving day approaches. Start cleaning projects, change your address at least two weeks before you move out, fill out a change of address form at the post office, etc.
  8. Pack everyday items separately — You’re not going to unpack everything in a day, so pack the items you use daily in a separate bag or box for easy access after you get to your new home. Keep a toolbox handy as well.
  9. Organize your boxes — Color code your boxes and label them on the side instead of the top so you know what’s in them, even when the boxes are stacked.
  10. Use a fitted sheet, or two — Wrap your mattress with a fitted sheet on each side to prevent it from getting dirty during the moving process.

Bottom Line

There are so many items to check off the list when preparing to move. Start the process by contacting the Realtors with more than 30 years’ experience serving Canton, Plymouth, and Northville, MI — Bittinger Team, REALTORS. Contact us so we can start helping you today!

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