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Adjust Home Selling Strategy in Winter

Well, we are officially in the thick of winter here in Plymouth, Canton, and Northville Michigan and that means that the home selling strategy for home owners has changed somewhat.

Tactics that work for home sellers during the summer might not be as effective in the winter for a variety of reasons. For one, people are less inclined to visit homes for sale because it’s so cold outside and they’d just as soon stay home where it’s warm. Also, there are typically fewer homes for sale on the market overall.

Still, these factors need not deter you from listing your Canton home nor should they prevent you from selling your home for top dollar. But, there are certain things you can do to make your home more attractive to home buyers and keep your home’s days on the market nice and short.

6 Things You Should Do To Sell Your Home in Winter

Make the path to your doorstep clear. It’s something so simple but it can make a world of difference in terms of attracting home buyers. Make sure you’re diligent about shoveling a path through the snow continually. You might also consider sprinkling a layer of sand over the sidewalk to help your buyers get to your doorstep safely. Keep your doorstep clear at all times.

Let there be light. There is simply not as much natural light during the winter months as there is during summer. So maximize the light flooding through your home as best you can by pulling up the blinds, opening the shutters and turning on every light in the house. It will make your home feel warm and more inviting.

Turn on the Heat. Now, we don’t recommend making your home a boiler room, but do make sure it’s nice as toasty so that home buyers coming in from outside will want to linger.

Set the mood. Help interested home buyers envision themselves curling up all snug and cozy during the wintertime by setting the scene. Set out champagne glasses by the fireplace, toss some afghans across the arms of your sofa and maybe even light the fireplace.

Bring pleasant music into your home. Consider playing some soft, instrumental music such as jazz for example. This will make your home feel more welcoming, which will have a subconscious effect on the home buyer, helping them to fall in love with it.

Serve winter foods. For instance, perhaps have some hot cider available for any home buyers who come tour your home. It’s little touches like this that will help leave a lasting and positive impression of your home. Do not feel that you should burn candles or otherwise make”scents” in your home. These can often deter rather than attract home buyers. The best scent is no scent, or simply “clean.”

How Can We Help You With Your Canton Home Sale?

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We would love to assist you by offering valuable advice and user-friendly home selling resources. After all, we’ve been doing just that right here since 1983!

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