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Tips For Hosting a Big Party in a Small Space

Hosting Party - Bittinger Team, REALTORS

As we start to celebrate the holidays, we’re reminded that it’s the perfect time of year for hosting family and friends. There’s absolutely nothing better than celebrating in a cozy warm house with good food, drinks, and our nearest and dearest.

In the cold climates of the Midwest, we’re forced to do all of our winter holiday entertaining indoors. Some may find this limiting due to the layout of their homes, but have no fear, has some helpful small home hosting solutions!


Small Space Hosting Tips from

We find that an open floor plan for entertaining is high on our client’s wish list when looking for their next house. Unfortunately, until recently, most houses were not built for entertaining like we do today. Following these simple tips will help you host your guests comfortably no matter the size or layout of your home.

Keep it simple: While you may be tempted to decorate every square inch of space with lights, garland, wreaths, and the like, try scaling things back just a bit. Once your guests arrive, all the extras can make a space feel cluttered and even smaller. A few simple holiday decor items will set the tone, while the festive nature of your party will take care of the rest.

Move furniture: Don’t hesitate to move furniture around just for the night. Relocating a kitchen table into the living room for more mingling space or hiding a piece of useless furniture can make a big difference in the amount of entertaining space you have.

Make a signature drink: Rather than stocking an entire bar, try creating just one or two signature drinks in a nice dispenser for your guests to enjoy. Prefer more options? Since the refrigerator can fill up quickly when hosting a party, clean out your kitchen sink, fill with ice, and use it as a makeshift cooler. Don’t forget to have guests label their glasses to avoid cluttering up precious counter space with empty cups.

Split food up: If you’re short on counter space in the kitchen, utilize side tables as well for small trays of food. This also imitates a fancy strolling appetizer effect and encourages guests to congregate in different spots throughout your house.

Reach new heights: To maximize space, use tiered trays, boxes, or risers to display food. Not only does this save space, but it also draws attention to the yummy food you’ve worked hard to make and makes it more easily accessible to your guests.

Lighten things up: While a dark and dramatic look can set a sophisticated tone for your gathering, opening up the shades and using lamps and candles will give the illusion of more space and warmth. Hanging a mirror or two to reflect the light will also help create the illusion of a bigger space.


Ready for an Upgrade?

If all these tips just aren’t enough to help you entertain the way you want, it may be time for an upgrade. Home buyers are always surprised to find out how much more space they gain with a few extra square feet or a new layout.

Start the search for your next home with Our highly-trained and licensed agents specialize in the Southeastern Michigan real estate market and are prepared to find you the right home at the best price. Contact us today.


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