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When to Buy to Avoid Interest Rate Rise

Lee and I have been in this business since 1983 and boy have we seen some real game-changers in real estate in and around Plymouth, Canton, and Northville Michigan. This is definitely one of them!

Right now, homebuyers have a great opportunity to benefit in a big way. How? By buying now to avoid the coming rise in interest rates. Yes, it is indeed coming. The experts say that they are expected to go from 3.75% to approximately 5% by year-end! Wow! And, that trend will continue into 2016.

Real Estate Interest Rates 2015

Save $250,000?

Recently, I sat down with some clients and I showed them how I can save them almost a quarter of a million dollars by moving now rather than in the future. Yes, really! A quarter of a million dollars!

If your goal is to buy in the near future, or even in the next few years, then DO IT NOW! Seriously!

I truly feel that this is a tipping point and it will affect all of us for years to come. We just won’t see the likes of these rates again for quite some time.

“Buying Up” May Not Be an Option in the Future

As rates increase, buyers who want to “buy up” will not be able to afford the same price they can afford today. This means that a buyer will have less purchasing power. As interest rates rise, your purchasing power goes down, which means you won’t be able to buy the house that you could have bought before the interest rates went up.

interest rates in Plymouth Canton MI

Let’s Run Some Numbers

Everyone’s finances are different, so let’s talk about yours in particular. If you would like a really detailed analysis of your numbers, let’s get together for a no-obligation consultation to talk about your personal situation so you can take advantage of the opportunities available to you right now (which may be gone soon). Please call me on my cell at 734-255-0222 or email me at

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